Try To More Listening !!!!………….

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Listening someone when speaking English can easy or difficult. Easy, if he speak clearly and easy to understand, but difficult if he speak not clearly and difficult to understand. So, to make easy to understand what someone said, we must more listening carefully when someone speaking in English.To learn listening is simple, you can do it at home when you watching television, movie, or listening music, from song you can listening the different word, when a singer sing and from the lyric. In English, there’s a lot of the different between write and when we speak, so we must know the different meaning when somebody speak.
Example : When we speak “beard” and “bear”, there’s no different if we listen that word, so if someone said “beard” but the listener most like listen “bear”, the dialogue can had a different meaning.
So we must more carefully when we speak and we must more listen too. Because is important when we want to fluent in English.
So, Try To More Listening!!!!!……..


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