Don’t Be Afraid to Read.

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Do you love to read?
Most people now is lazy to read, because if you want to read, you must have more time, and most of people now is busy, they dont have more time to read, they busy to work. Some people said reading can make your brain more clever, because book is the window of the world and knowledge.
Reading in English can make you more know about the rule when you speak, because in English had a lot of different with Indonesia language. Example : sentence in Indonesia has a rule like DM (“diterangkan” after that “menerangkan”) but in English a sentence have a rule opposite with Indonesia language, in English MD (“menerangkan” after that diterangkan”). With reading you can know the different when you speak and when you write,because in English they have a same sound but different meaning.
Example : like number “six” and the word “sick”, if you dont know the different of that sound you will confused. So reading is important in learning English, and now start to read to make your English more good.


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